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A subreddit dedicated to the FX original television series, Fargo.

Spoiler Policy

Using the following spoiler code:

[SPOILER](#s "X killed Y!")

gives you: SPOILER

  • DO NOT put spoilers in your title for any Season 3 episodes.

  • Posts that contain spoilers for these episodes should:

  • Do not include spoilers in your title!!

  • Begin with a [SPOILER] tag, and specify the episode number.
  • Be marked Spoiler.

  • Submission titles must never contain spoilers or spoiler code.

  • Comments that include spoilers must also be tagged using the above spoiler code.

  • Official episode discussions do not require spoiler code to be used except when discussing future episodes (such as next week's promo).

  • Information obtained from IMDB or other sources detailing which episodes an actor is involved is considered a spoiler and should be marked as such.

  • Episode Promos and Featurettes should be marked as spoilers.

Posting Rules

  • Do not post links to unofficial streams, download links, or torrents of the TV show.

  • All posts solely containing theories must be tagged [THEORY].

  • Do NOT include spoilers in your title.

  • Image macros, screenshots of other TV shows/movies, and reaction images/gifs are not allowed.

  • Be respectful of other users. Do not make any personal attacks.

  • Any discussion or mention of piracy, even off-hand, will be removed. Even just saying "Just stream it" will merit a warning/ban.

Episode Discussions

Season 3 (full series list)

01 - The Law of Vacant Places

02 - The Principle of Restricted Choice

03 - The Law of Non-Contradiction

04 - The Narrow Escape Problem

05 - The House of Special Purpose

06 - The Lord of No Mercy

07 - The Law of InevitabilityPost

08 - Who Rules the Land of Denial?

09 - Aporia

10 - Somebody to Love

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