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Fear The Walking Dead - FtWDeaddit

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Subreddit for the TV show Fear The Walking Dead.


Spoiler Tags

Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead (such as episode previews) and other TWD content (TV show, comics, games) require spoiler tags.

Use this code for comment spoilers:

[SPOILER](#s "Fear") becomes:


  1. Spoilers in titles are not allowed.

  2. Spoilers up to the latest officially aired episode of FearTWD should be assumed in the comments section of any submission unless the title or self-post text indicates otherwise.

  3. Spoilers from The Walking Dead and other TWD content need spoiler tags. See spoiler code above.

  4. Submitted content should have some direct relationship to FearTWD (i.e. don't post stuff just about TWD).

  5. Submissions may be removed for being low effort, of low relevance, a meme/image macro, or being a repost/common topic.

  6. No linking to or requesting torrents/streams/etc.

^We ^reserve ^the ^right ^to ^moderate ^at ^our ^own ^discretion.

Episode Discussions

Season 3 (full series list)

  • 01 & 02 - Eye of the Beholder & The New Frontier - [Live|Post]
  • 03 - TEOTWAWKI - [Live|Post]
  • 04 - 100 - [Live|Post]
  • 05 - Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame - [Live|Post]
  • 06 - Red Dirt - [Live|Post]
  • 07 & 08 - The Unveiling & Children of Wrath - [Live|Post]
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