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Feels Like The First Time: for SFW new discoveries

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Post content showing people or animals experiencing something for the first time! Maybe they've never seen snow before, or perhaps they've just completed their first skydive! Any and all SFW first-time experiences welcome!

A huge thanks to /u/mybikehaswheels, /u/mejak00 , /u/extrabrodinary , and /u/EZ_does_it for posting the original and then starting the chain that led to the creation of this place!

  1. Be Civil.
  2. Follow Reddiquette when posting and voting.
  3. No porn, gore, or death - All posts containing the aforementioned will be immediately removed.
  4. All posts must contain a direct reaction to a First Time. Any posts referencing your First Time to this sub, or this sub's First Time to the FrontPage etc will be removed.
  5. No MRW posts a la /r/reactiongifs
  6. All references to Foreigner's song "Feels Like the First Time" will be removed (It's a good song though, you should listen to it).


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