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What is Original5050?

An Original5050 post provides two possibilities in the title with only one actual result. Since you don't know which you'll get until you click the link, you have a 50/50 chance of getting one or the other. When the sub first started, this was the only way to make 5050 posts.

What is True5050?

A True5050 post has two options in the title with two possible results. It will randomly pick and give users one of the two options. Users will be stuck with their result for 60 seconds. It's on an odd/even minute-long timer. These posts are given a [TRUE] flair. Click here to submit a True5050.

View Only True5050 Posts

If you only want to browse True5050 posts, click here. This will filter out all Original5050 posts for you.

Rules for Comments

DO NOT link the outcomes of any posts in the comments. Users that do so will be BANNED. This applies to True5050 and Original5050 posts. Asking for links/DMs is also banworthy.

Rules for Submissions

I. Titles MUST Include [50/50]

>Your title must start with [50/50], have two options in your title (one good and one bad), and include either "NSFW" or "SFW".

II. Only Use Approved Image Domains

>Posts must be directly linked to one of our approved webhost domains.

III. No Illegal Content (Linked or not)

>Propaganda, animal/child cruelty, mutilation, rape, molestation, etc. is NOT PERMITTED, even as the title of the option you didn't go with.

IV. Clear and Separate Titles

>Posts must have clear, accurate, and separate parts that each deliver one outcome, not both. Further details here.

V. Porn and Spoilers must be True5050

>Anything that involves porn or sexualised nudity - in any way, shape or form - MUST be in True5050 form instead of Original5050 form. More here.

>Trans/Gay content used as the discouraging option will be removed.

VI. Forbidden 5050s

>Certain "themes" of posts that often show up will also be removed. Full list here.

>Some examples that are not permitted:

>(1) Self-Promo (Instant perm ban)

>(2) Heads | Tails

>(3) Animals that share names with body parts (Cock, Tit, Ass, etc.)

Submission Guidelines

In /r/FiftyFifty posts, one outcome should encourage people to click, and the other should be discourage them from clicking. Titles should be clear, descriptive, and accurate. Users should know what to expect when they click.

Title Formatting

[50/50] Bouncing boobies (NSFW) | Man Disembowelled in Pool (NSFL)

Submit a True5050 post by clicking here.



Change your account settings to enable NSFW content by clicking here.

You need to tick BOTH the boxes to say you're over 18 AND that you want to disable NSFW previews and SAVE those settings:

(Box 1) under the category for "Media" near the top of the preferences page where it says "Show thumbnails based on that subreddit's media preferences", and

(Box 2) under the category for "Content Options" closer to the bottom of the page.

2. If you SEE THUMBNAILS that spoil the surprise

Make sure Box 1 is ticked here.

Mods reserve the right to remove any offending post or comment at their own discretion. You may appeal any mod action taken against you, but you're not entitled to a response.

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