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Change your account settings to enable NSFW content. You need to tick BOTH the boxes to say you're over 18 AND that you want to enable NSFW content. One is under the category for "Media" near the top of the preferences page, and the other is under the category for content options closer to the bottom of the page.

2. If you SEE THUMBNAILS that spoil the surprise

Turn off NSFW thumbnails in those same settings. You can change those settings at this link:

Rules for Comments

DO NOT link the outcomes of any posts in the comments. Users that do so will be BANNED.

Rules for Submission

Hover over to read on desktop/Click View Table on Mobile

|Rules|More| :-:|:-: I. Titles MUST Include [50/50]|Titles must include [50/50]. NSFW is no longer necessary, but you still have to tag your post appropriately. It should equally go without saying that you need two options in your title. II. Approved Image Domains|Post should link to Imgur, Giphy, Postimage, Gfycat, Minus, YouTube, Vimeo, True5050 and must be directly linked (Usually add .png, .jpg, .gif, etc to the end of the url) III. No Illegal Content (Linked or not)|Content of animal/child cruelty, mutilation, rape, molestation, etc. is NOT PERMITTED, even as the title of the option you didn't go with. We do not permit terrorist propaganda or hacked nudes either. IV. Clear and Separate Titles| Posts must clearly deliver one outcome, not both. Eg- a post titled "Woman gives birth - Cute puppies" in which a woman gives birth to puppies would not be allowed. Similarly, descriptions must be accurate and separate. Posts with "Outcome 1 or Outcome 1", animals that sound like body parts (Tit, Boobie, Cock, Ass etc), and any kind of screamer will be removed. V. Porn and Spoilers must be True5050| Anything that involves porn or sexualised nudity - in any way, shape or form - MUST be in True5050 form. More here Also, fake celebrity nudes must specify that they are fake.

These common posts will also be deleted

  • Top post from /r/... | Top post from /r/...
  • Heads | Tails
  • Your opinions
  • Trans/Gay content used as the discouraging option
  • Links that change the expectation of which option you got at the very end. The 50/50 should happen at the moment the link is opened. We should know exactly which option we got, immediately. Suspenseful gifs belong in /r/unexpected

||| :-:|:-: What is True50/50?| A True5050 post can generate a single URL that will randomly pick between two links provided. Users will be stuck with their result for 60 seconds. These posts will be automatically distinguished with a [TRUE] flair.

||| :-:|:-: |FiftyFifty Submission Guidelines|The spirit of /r/FiftyFifty is that one outcome should encourage people to click whereas the other should be discouraging. Titles should be clear and accurate so users know what they might get when they click your link.

Title Format

>[50/50] Bouncing boobies (NSFW) | Man Disembowelled in Pool (NSFL)

||| :-:|:-: |Submit a True 50/50 post|Click here

Mods reserve the right to remove any offending post at their own discretion.

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