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Find the Sniper

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About Us

Welcome to Find The Sniper! Here we share images with hidden objects and challenge ourselves. You'd better find the sniper quickly or else they mig-BANG


  1. All submissions must have someone(s) or something(s) hidden in them.

  2. All submissions must indicate what is hidden, if not in the post title then in a comment.

  3. The location of the hidden person(s) or thing(s) must be posted in the comments within 1 hour of submission preceded by "SPOILER" bolded and in all caps or by using the spoiler guide below

  4. Use proper reddiquette. Sexism, racism, homophobia, personal attacks, trolling, and other comments/submissions deemed inappropriate for this subreddit will be removed.

Fancy Spoilers

If you want to get fancy with your spoilers you can use this method. THIS SECTION IS A WIP, we are aware it may not be working

This is how you make a spoiler:

[spoiler](#s "spoiler-text in quotes")

which will give you: Spoiler
Warning: You cannot create new paragraphs in a spoiler! It has to be one single paragraph.
If you want to get creative, you can add ANY warning-text you want instead of the word Spoiler.
For example,

[Book 2 Spoiler](#s "write spoiler-text inside quotes")

This system is borrowed from /r/asoif check out the full write-up here.

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