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Fire Emblem Heroes - Nintendo's Latest Mobile Game

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Welcome to /r/FireEmblemHeroes!

A subreddit dedicated to Nintendo's latest mobile game. Fire Emblem Heroes is available worldwide on iOS and Android.

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  1. Be respectful of others and their opinions. Follow reddiquette.

  2. No encouraging hacking or cheating. We do not allow download links from unofficial sources (APKs, Emulators, etc.) as it's against the terms of service.

  3. No NSFW content.

  4. Questions and gacha pulls should be posted in their respective megathreads each week.

  5. No duplicate posting of the same topic. Ex. Posting the same news article as someone else.

  6. No account selling/giveaways/trades. This is against the game's terms of service and will not be allowed on the subreddit.

  7. No posts that do not offer or contribute to any discussion on the subreddit (low effort posts removed at mod discretion). Clarification.

Spoiler Tags:

Spoiler tags are now implemented! Typing:

[FE4](#s "This is a spoiler.")

gives you: FE4

Discussion of plot details from any game in the series should be appropriately spoiler-tagged.

Special Maps:

>Availability: Part 1 - Feb 5 - Mar 14
>Availability: Part 2 - Feb 13 - Mar 14
>Availability: Part 3 - Feb 21 - Mar 14

Summon Events:

>Availability: Now - Feb 26th

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