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Pics and Videos of Fit and Strong Natural Looking Women

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This is the place for good quality photos, gifs and videos of attractive fit females, including athletes, fitness models, dancers, figure and physique competitors, etc., who have natural breasts.

When posting:

  • No photos, gifs or videos where fake breasts are obvious in any way.

  • Nudity is okay as long as it's tasteful and NSFW tagged as needed.

  • No bad quality selfies, watermarked, face hidden or morphed photos. Posts should link directly to the image file.

  • GIFs must use the [gif] tag in the title. Videos must use the [vid] tag in the title and be at least 480p quality.

  • Titles should be in good taste and include the woman's name if known.

  • No reposts within 6 months. Crossposts are welcome as long as they follow the rules of this subreddit.

When commenting:

  • Please no insulting, nasty, disparaging, snarky, vulgar, etc., comments about any of the women posted here, or other redditors.

In addition to the above rules, the mod team reserves the right to remove or not approve any post or comment it feels is not in keeping with the goals and quality standards of this subreddit.


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