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The Flash

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  • Don't put spoilers in your submission without putting a spoiler bar on it.
  • Rule 1: If your post contains a spoiler, please add a spoiler flair to it. Please indicate the spoiler scope in the flair.
  • Rule 2: Any future content (e.g. castings, news, plots) must be labeled as a spoiler
  • Rule 3: Content without any significant commentary relevant to The Flash may be removed.
  • Rule 4: Keep the comments civil and the content legal.
  • Rule 5: Links to illegally hosted content will be removed. This includes links to illegally hosted content, irregular streaming websites, & torrents.
  • Rule 6: Low effort posts are subject to removal at the mods' discretion. All "leaking" posts will be removed.
  • Rule 7: Flash memes/humour that are used on non-Flash-related subject matter are not allowed on weekdays. On weekends (UTC time), Flash memes/humour that are used on non-Flash related subject matter are allowed, but still subject to rules 1-6. Any giveaways, or AmA's should be pm'd to /u/Barky1911 or by modmail to the subreddit.


Uncover Spoilers Cover Spoilers Hide Spoilers

Do not put spoilers in the title of your posts!

To make a spoiler comment only use:

[spoiler](#s "This is a spoiler.")

Add the scope of the spoiler in the brackets. For example:

Ep1 spoiler

To view the spoiler, simply hover your cursor over the text.




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  • Watch episodes a day after they air on The CW

  • Watch Season 1 and Season 2 on Netflix!

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