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FoodDev: The Elements of Taste

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A place for professionals and culinarians to develop and discuss new dishes.

Flavor combinations, food philosophies, intricacies of specific ingredients, cooking and plating techniques, trends and market news. From Sandwiches to Spherification and everything in between.

This is a community of support and creativity. If you think something does not work, instead of saying no, think of a way that it might work. Be pretentious, be pedestrian, just don't be close minded.

Outside of the box thinking intimidates people, and new ideas are laughed at because they go against common knowledge. To that end there is no downvoting of submissions here. Some times the best ideas come places you would never expect.

This isn't a recipe exchange, we know how to make a souffle. Also, please no food celebrity weeabooism; lets talk serious food.

Possible Post Categories:

[Menu] - a flavor pairing where each person responds with several dishes: App, Entree, Vegetarian and Dessert featuring the flavors.

[Help] - Post a dish you are having trouble with for the communities help.

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