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FoodForThought: Intellectual Nourishment

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Intelligent and thought-provoking commentaries on life and culture.

FoodForThought is a DepthHub subreddit dedicated to longform articles and essays that stimulate intellectual discourse. More nourishment is available at TrueReddit, PhotoEssay, Interview and RedditDayOf.

  • FFT takes Reddiquette seriously. Polite debate is encouraged. Flame wars will be removed. Downvotes are for topics or comments that add nothing to the conversation.

  • FFT encourages interesting, yet descriptive, headlines that grab your attention. However, you should not editorialize your posts. Headlines showing partisan, politicised or inflammatory headlines will be removed.

  • Discussion starters are welcome in /r/InsightfulQuestions.

  • Links to personal blogs will be removed. Repeat offenders will be banned.

  • Message the mods if your submission isn't showing.

  • Try Bugmenot or pasting the article headline into Google.

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  • /r/ThinkTank: the TED of reddit or perhaps the /r/TheoryOfReddit for everything.

  • /r/CriticalTheory: a school of thought that stresses the examination and the critique of society and culture, by applying knowledge from the social sciences and the humanities.

  • /r/MadScientist: for all your mad scientist needs.

  • /r/Futurology: the study of the future.

  • /r/CoWM (Council of Wise Men): a place where any with thought provoking ideas can share them with people who are receptive and open to new perspectives.

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