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Dating for the Dating Impaired

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Dating for the dating impaired

Don't forget about our parent subreddit, Forever Alone!

Come join the chatroom !

Basic rules for posting:

  • Must be over 18! No exceptions.

  • [Tag your post with [F4M] or [M4F] (or whatever you're looking for...)](

  • No offensive comments. The OP has enough courage to post, so they should be encouraged by all of us.

  • Hateful comments will be removed

  • Don't be shy, we're all Forever Alone here

Some tips:

  • Talk about your career and hobbies. What do you do for a living? What do you do for fun (besides Reddit)?

  • Don't self deprecate, talk about what makes you great!

  • Never had a relationship? Don't mention it. Don't get people thinking about what could be wrong with you.

  • This is still a smallish subreddit. Don't be let down by a meager response, post again later, not everyone reads this every hour of every day!

  • Don't be discouraged by lack of Public Responses. NEARLY ALL RESPONSES ARE VIA PRIVATE MESSAGES! Remember, it's a dating site.


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