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Hark, peasant! Here be Jolly Ole' Fort Badgerton. Now fuck off.

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This is my subreddit. It is made of sub and reddit. I will post nice things, but only for my own enjoyment. You do not belong here. Please support anarchist politicians and coerce your children into smoking.


The vile forces of GOVERNMENT and NOT-MR. DR. DDS. ABRV. RON PAUL (hallowed by thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it was in the 6th century AD) are threatening the sanctity of our once great all-inclusive resort. Utilising the serpentine programme PRISM, they sap the very lifeblood of Fort Badgerton and with it the thing that makes this country great. I don't know what that is. ELI5 plz???

FEAR NOT! With the HMS Giveafuck as our flagship and beards on our neck, we WILL defend to the DEATH the immature misconceptions we have of the constitution that we gained in community college that one semester where we took a civics class but failed because the teacher was a bitch lesbian who wouldn't even RESPOND to our negging.

Under the proud banner of £3 appetisers through 9PM on Tuesdays, we will march straight into our mother's minivan and march on the dark gates of government. Do not falter and please do not leave human excrement in your room shower because the maid has had it up to HERE.



[13:36] <+kemitche> happybadger: I can confirm that no reddit admins ever committed war crimes in the Bosnian War as official acting staff members. Any opinions and hate represents only the opinion and racism of the admin in question, and not the beliefs of reddit, Inc.

^ Evidence

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