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Found Pieces of Paper

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Photographs of found pieces of paper with writing on them! Look for paper. Make every day a scavenger hunt.

>"I like this sub. Like being an archeologist or anthropologist, studying the leftover and forgotten artifacts of everyday life." -/u/TheSnackist

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Notice the world around you. Pick up the paper you find on the ground. What is written on it might surprise you. Share it here.

Some of the most incredible things live written on the torn scraps of paper that didn't make it into the trash. They can be love letters, thoughts, quotes or a pertinent to-do list. The only rule is that you found it somewhere (on the ground, a public table or between the cans of soup at the store) and you don't know who wrote it. Anonymous and out of the blue is great!

  • Love letters
  • Poetry
  • Doodles
  • Scribbled notes
  • Interesting to-do list
  • Thoughts
  • Impassioned graffiti written on paper
  • Notes written in books

Please upload original content. The intent of this subreddit is to give fodder to the imagination through the actual weirdness of finding cool paper scraps/writing on the ground.


  1. Remain calm and pick up paper
  2. Take a picture of it with your phone immediately
  3. Upload it to via your lovely mobile device
  4. Submit your link so we can see it!


No stock images please. Use Imgur! Please have high resolution pictures, especially if there is dense handwriting. If it's somewhat illegible, leave in the comments what you can't say in the title. Post either in the title or in the comments where you were when/the story of how you found it. Maybe transcribe it in the comments if it's illegible and you have the time to do so.

If you find something in a mysterious foreign language, our friends at /r/translator can help! Comment !translate or !translator on a post, our subreddit bot /u/translator-BOT will automatically cross-post it to /r/translator, crediting the OP. Thank you to /u/kungming2 for writing this bot!

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