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FreeCompliments: we won't let you leave without a smile! 😃

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Guide for approaching depressed users

Collection of things to make your day


General Rules:

> 1) Respect others! We're all people here.

> 2) Keep generally positive things in this subreddit. Life's already full of negativity. Please use that Report button if you find any comments or posts that break this rule, or any rule for that matter. We mods are only human and things will get by us, you are our only hope!

> 3) You can essentially post anything as long as it's positive! (self-posts, links, music, videos etc.)

> 4) New users who want to post a selfie (or picture of you) post, you must either make 3 comments on other users posts or make 1 non-self media post. For those posters submitting selfies for compliments, please read this.

> 5) DON'T REVEAL INFORMATION ABOUT YOURSELF. Understand that there are risks to revealing yourself on the internet, including compromising your security and being exposed to trolls.

> 6) Do not expect advice or give it. We're here to give out compliments.

> 7) Try to be as personal as possible.

> 8) Always try to be sincere and do not severely overdo it.

> 9) Don't post pictures of other people, only post pictures of yourself.

  • ^< Notable Users

  • /u/Timelapse00: Para is the current active community moderator of the subreddit, Trying to make this place as active as possible by working his ass of. Message him if you have questions about the subreddit!

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