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Who Are We?

Welcome! /r/FreeGameFindings is based around finding free games all over the place! Be it Steam, Origin, Uplay, Xbox 360/One, Playstation 3/4/Vita, or Wii U/3DS,, we will find every last free Game and DLC we can, and get it to you!


  1. No Free To Play Games. We don't allow games that are always free (i.e. TF2 or Dota 2). Only post games that normally have a price that are temporarily free, but are kept forever. We do however currently allow Alpha/Beta threads for F2P games, when out of beta, no more posting. On top of that, we also allow free games (that are newer or older offers) that will give '+1' to your steam game count.

  2. The Giveaway Has To Be Open To Many. A safe bet for amount of keys/codes being given away is 1000. A little lower than that can be cool too, but be reasonable. We do allow raffles here, but they have to be pretty easy to 'fix'. If they're just normal raffles, we currently allow 10k+ key raffles, as they're pretty open. Ala Steamgifts. Something like maybe refreshing/trying again in a minute is safest. Also people should be 99% guaranteed to get access to this item, so no sign up to possibly get in type things.

  3. Follow Our Format. We, or the Automoderator will remove incorrectly posted threads.

    The format is as follows;

    [Platform] (Game, DLC, Membership, Credit, Alpha/Beta, Alpha, Beta, or Other) title of free item. Leave the words 'Free', 'Beta' and 'Giveaway' out of the title. No other stuff either. Just the three noted sections above.

    We accept most platforms and DRMs (GoG, Steam, Console, and general PC) that has gaming, however the item in "()" must be a Game, DLC, Membership, Credit, or Other.

  4. Use Link Flair. Say there's steps to getting the item, list/walkthrough them in the comments of your thread, then flair it as 'Read Comments'. Does the post require social media? Use that flair. Has it expired? Please flair it as such, this is the most helpful flair to use.

  5. Prior Work Sites. Alienware and Tremor giveaways are allowed here, but they can only be acquired without spending real money. AW works on levels, and you can get levels by following their rewards system daily. Any level giveaway is allowed to be posted. Tremor works on getting coins, which you can do by watching ads, downloading apps, etc. You're allowed to post giveaways from them.

  6. No New Thread For Restocking Digital Homicide Games. Since they lost their ability to sell games on the steam store, they have been diminishing the last of their game keys in giveaways of their own. They restock them over and over, and we no longer want them posted. Just follow the link in our active thread.

  7. No Mobile, Or Greenlight Abuse Games. If your game requires those wanting it to vote for it on Greenlight, it is not allowed. Also, we no longer allow mobile games (Android, iOS, or Windows Phone) to be posted here. Move to another sub for those please.

  8. Do Not Trade, Beg or Post Referral Links. We don't allow you to trade games here, we don't want you spamming referral-links of any kind. We also ask that you don't blatantly beg for things, most goodies are very simple to acquire. Even if they're not, just don't do it. We call it begging as a deterrent, but no matter how nicely or politely you're asking, it's still not acceptable. No asking for keys without someone offering first.

  9. Don't Promote Key Farming. So this is a little issue we've seen here and there. Please refrain from getting more keys for a single game offer. Or at least don't tell people about it. It's not a good thing to do. However I think there's an exception to this. If you're discussing how an offer includes numerous games, and that you're able to try to get those others ones as well, then I don't think it's a problem. Just don't discuss you getting a bunch of one game.

Our Links

  • [YouTube] ( - Our YouTube channel where we make video tutorials on how to get games from the sub.

  • [Twitter] ( - Our Twitter account that brings people from twitter to the threads in this subreddit.

  • [Steam Group] ( - The Steam group we made for the sub a long time ago, it isn't used much, but hey, it's there!

Other Links

  • /r/RandomActsOfGaming - Where you can find any games being given away by community members - or give away some yourself if you're feeling generous.

  • /r/FreeGamesOnSteam - A subreddit dedicated to finding Steam-only games that go on sale for free.

  • /r/Gamehag - A subreddit based off of a website that had to be banned for quick ending giveaways. Their subreddit will post their giveaways so those that want to be involved, can be.

  • /r/SteamGameSwap - A place to trade games on steam, super awesome subreddit for those who like to get games cheap!

  • /r/IndieGameSwap - A place to trade games on steam, very similar to the sub listed above, but allows trades of bundle games as well as gift games.

  • /r/AppHookup/ - Mobile, Android & iOS. Discounted Paid Apps or Apps gone free! All platforms are welcome! (This includes Games) Also, /r/FreeGamesOniOS and /r/FreeGamesOnAndroid for just free games on these mobile platforms.

  • IRC Channel - An IRC channel that includes a posting of everything posted here.

  • - A website that gets giveaways from this sub (and others soon maybe) and lists them linking back to reddit. Even allows you to filter out certain platforms if wanted!

  • - A database of every free game in existence (these stay free, and are never buyable), it isn't complete yet, but there's lots to see. They have reviews, screenshots, videos, and download links for majority of their games! Plus you can earn real goodies. Check it out!

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