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Free Clams for Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

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Welcome to Freeclams


Use of any services from /r/Freeclams is at your own risk, and may result in your account being permanently banned by TinyCo. /r/Freeclams assumes no responsibility for any loss or hardship you may incur by using any of the services offered here. Any clams/Items/in-game objects acquired by third parties are not recognized by TinyCo as valid purchases and and could cause your account to be banned permanently.

Now with that out of the way

Do you want some free clams, cash or items in the "Family Guy : The Quest For Stuff?"

Well, you're in the right place!!

We have plenty of helpful members here who are willing to hook you up with free clams, cash, and premium items.

The best part - it won't cost you a dime! No strings, no gimmicks!

We're a helpful community full of generous folks who want to help you enjoy your game that much more!

Meaning of User Flair:

Username Verified; means that user has lots of positive feedback and can be trusted.

Username Verified; means that user is trustworthy and has a superior hack.

Username [] (#VerifiedElite) Moderator; means that they are all the above and also a moderator of this subreddit.

Quick Links

Posting Guidelines

NEVER post your game ID or username and password publicly. Always send them in a Private Message.

We do not allow [WANT] Posts. Do not use the [????] option to make a want post it will be deleted at once.

All posts must begin with [GIVE], [????] or [FEEDBACK]

Anything else is automatically deleted.

Offering Help

We are not accepting any help right now, only elite givers can give here.


You must have a reddit account over 3 days old

Absolutely no charging for Anything!!
You will be removed if you try to scam subscribers, charge for services, charge for mods, or obtain their login info to sabotage their game!!

Absolutely NO external links to mods/hacks or posting how do I get said mods/hacks
We will remove these posts immediately, and we will start banning for these posts after one warning. No question. We do not have time to test all links/mods/hacks posted, therefore we will not tolerate them being posted.

Do not PM the givers directly with a request.
Most will ignore/delete undocumented requests through PM, and repeat offenders will be removed.

Don't ask for help on any feedback posts
They will be removed.

No Requests for town designs
We will remove these posts immediately. this sub is for giving and receiving in-game items/clams and troubleshooting and that's it.

Requesting Help From Givers

  • Giver's Log all requests by Game ID/name. If you request again from any of them in less than 30 days, your request will be denied. Multiple tries will get your id and name banned.

Other Info

  • If your looking for game play questions and answers try: /r/familyguythegame
  • If your looking for Simpsons Tapped out help try: /r/freedonuts
  • Tips, Tricks, FAQ's, Game Discussions, and a Stickied neighbor post for tapped out can all be found at: /r/tappedout
  • Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow /r/Free_Pizzas/

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