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THIS IS THE FRONT PAGE OF REDDIT ! Once it's off there it may as well be invisible.

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Does anybody ever read anything on the second or third pages? Ever?


  1. Be nice to people or you will be banned.

  2. See rule number 1. This means no racism, bigotry or hate speech.

  3. No blog spam. Or any spam. Period. We do allow SPAM® posts, image only.

  4. Please label NSFW posts. Thanks!

  5. NO MORE QUESTIONS. There are other subreddits for questions.

  6. Rule 5 only applies to you. Everyone else is exempt.

  7. ALL Redditquette guidelines, Reddit rules and implications apply. For example, ZERO tolerance for Facebook posts.

  8. ZERO TOLERANCE for pleas for funding. This is not a place for kickstarter or crowdfund or gofundme. You could try /r/assistance.

If you think your post got caught in the filter, message the mods and we will get it fixed.

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