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What we're about:

  • The place for coupons, discounts, sales and all things when it comes to Frugal Female Fashion! Please see our growing Wiki for more details on fits, stores, best value and more.

Where do Questions Go?

  • Please ask questions in the main section of the subreddit, but don't forget to flair!

What type of Posts are allowed?

  • Deals (markdowns, sales, price slashes, special offers, coupons, price promotions), discussions, reviews of products you purchased recently, a brand or anything else that would fall under a constructive and helpful review.

What can't I post?

  • Any referral code of any type except Amazon Smile, (includes "PM me for referral" posts), videos, blogs, news articles. Basically, if it's not a deal, discussion, or review don't post it.

  • Amazon & eBay links, these links are on an approval basis. Automoderator will automatically remove these, but the mod team will review them and approve based on the legitimacy of the deal provided. Namely, shipped and sold by Amazon or eBay goods will most likely be approved depending on their value to the subreddit. If you try and circumvent the automoderator removal by posting an additional link with a different URL you will be banned for 7 days, no questions asked.

  • Shortened URL's. Please post the full website link when submitting a post
  • No links to AliExpress, Romwe, Cupshe, Alie Voss, or Sheinside. Although you may be able to find great reps, these items ship from China and several FFF users have experienced issues such as misrepresented items or shipping errors. As always, please use consumer caution when purchasing items from these websites.
  • We DO NOT allow self-promotion, that means if you own the business or work for the business we will not allow your post. If we see in your post history that all you post is this brand across all the deal subreddits your post will be removed and you will be banned.

  • All referral codes other than Amazon Smile must go in the Referral Link Master Post only.

Why did my post get removed?

  • Chances are it broke rules of the Subreddit. Automoderator removes all links from accounts that are new or have less than a combined comment/link Karma of 50 to prevent spam. If you feel your post has been unjustly removed, please send a message through mod mail.

For Companies

  • We do not allow any self-promotion. If you post here and self-promote you will be banned, no questions asked.

  • This rule is as of 3/13/16. Even if you have been given prior permission, you still cannot post.

About Frugality

  • If you don't think something is frugal, don't buy it; everyone's definition of frugal is different.

  • Do not post saying something isn't frugal, it may be to other people and these posts achieve nothing.

  • This rule includes "How is this frugal?" type posts.

  • Violations of this rule are an automatic 7 day temporary ban.


  • If you're looking for actual advice on your style, we would love to help you, but we also completely recommend the lovely ladies over at /r/femalefashionadvice.

Other Resources

You can be banned for the following

  • On Frugality rule violations: 7 days.

  • Spam: 7 days - permanent, depending on the type/severity.

  • Referral codes/affiliate links: 30 days.

  • Astroturfing/self-promotion/vote manipulation/doxxing/personal attacks: permanent.

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