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Do you even thrift?

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We are the proud few who stand on the cutting edge of frugality. We hold our heads high while we steal toilet paper, shoplift lentils, reuse condoms and syringes, and drink our own piss to save multiple dollars each year.

Ever find yourself muttering curses under your breath as you peruse /r/frugal looking for tips about how to steal power, only to find posts written by fat-cats bragging about their fancy prepaid cell-phone plans, store-bought food, and crystal clear drinking water? We're sick and tired of their arrogance too.

We come from all walks of life but are united by our shared love of lentils and our hatred of fat-cats.

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1. No need to repeat the same thing that's on every other sub, just use common sense really, most things won't get you banned unlike most subs though.

2. No upvote begging, it's against sitewide rules (and more importantly is unfunny).

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