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RIP Bowie, Frey, Rickman, Vigoda, Cole, Griffin, Bradbury, Wogan, White, Mirra, Alaskey, McGarry, Mitchell, Haggerty, Gerson, Wally, Randleman, Boutros-Ghali, Lee, Eco, Slocombe, Bain, Gordon, Kelly, Kennedy, Reagan, Tomlinson, Huffman, Martin, Emerson, Fresh, Sinatra Jr, Daniels, Scrimm, Drake, Andrews, Walker, Ford, English, Dawg, Garigolia, Howard, Cruyff, Shandling, Smyrl, Harrison, Angelica, Cicero, Noble, Duke, Corri, Gillette, Corbett, Hadid, Robertson, Baer, Crow, Bauersfeld, Lampreave, Rayne, Haggard, Davis, Mulligan, Zant, Katayama, Ex Saint Will Smith, Marks, Woodward, Snider, Gest, Mahoney, Anderson, Guilbeau, Thomas, MacKay, Roberts, Elkabetz, Wood, Lyons, Grudziński, Reid, Chyna, Hamilton, Kohn, Prince, many more I skipped since then because of my laziness that I will add soon, Muhammad Ali and Bud Spencer.

Please keep politics out of this sub unless it's the death of a politician.

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