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The home of ridiculous haircuts of all kinds

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/r/fuckmyshitup is a subreddit focused on humorous, ridiculous, and sometimes nasty results of people's haircuts. We encourage you to take a look at our subreddit rules before you post!

General Rules___

As of 2/19/2016

Imgur or Reddit Upload links only

  1. Images need to be of people's hair and fit the "Fuck my shit up" theme This can include animal hair/fur, but anything else (as in hair not on the head) is not allowed. If you have a relevant link that is not imgur or reddituploads but would still like to share it, message the mods and we can flair it.

  2. No photoshopped images allowed All haircuts and hairstyles need to be authentic, genuine, pictures.

  3. Text posts are not allowed They are restricted for mod use only.

  4. Make the title creative As in don't put the "punch line" as the title you lazy fuck.

  5. No personal information For example, if the picture is from a facebook photo, the name needs to be censored.

  6. No intentional reposting I'm sure none of us want to see the same material over and over. That doesn't have to happen.

  7. No shitposting or irrelevant content That shit will probably get you banned.

  8. No hate speech, harassment, discrimination, or anything similar There is no tolerance towards this rule, you will be banned.

  9. Have fun This isn't /r/science, relax and click a link. We're here to laugh at people.

>Also, a few things that we'd like to point out:

>>* We encourage you to vote! Those upvote and downvote arrows are there for a reason.

>>* Any suggestions to give to us mods? We like to hear feedback. If there's something to report, or if it's simply an idea to make the subreddit better, don't hesitate to send us a message

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