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Friends Having Fun!!!

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>This sub is for images/gifs/videos of friends having NSFW fun watching/participating. It's for TRUE amateur/homemade content, often filmed with a potato.

>Content Guidelines

>It can be sex or nudity (i.e. ENF)

>There are usually more than 2 people involved (one can be filming a couple) but some content could be a friend filming/taking a picture of another friend; this does not include couple's sex videos/pictures

>Please avoid posting professionally produced content like DareDorm, Dare Ring, GGW, FTV and the like

>Cam videos from sites like Chaturbate, MFC, Omegle, Stickam, etc.

>generally do not qualify for this sub

>Of course sometimes it's hard to tell if content is truly amateur and if after looking at other posts in this sub you think it fits, go ahead and post

>If you report, make sure to give a reason, otherwise it doesn't do anything

>Please report posts you think aren't true amateur and make sure to give the reason; if your post gets removed, it's OK, try again

>Please post sauce if you have it

>Posting Rules

>Please don't spam

>For pics use imgur, minus or tumblr; it's really annoying to be highjacked to a bunch of ads, especially on mobile

>For gifs use gfycat; it'll save bandwith and load faster

>For videos please use any of the approved sites on r/pornvids In an effort to combat spam, links from websites that aren't on the approved whitelist are now automatically removed. Please adhere to the whitelist when posting content.


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