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A subreddit for all Futa-pegging fans!

What is FutanariPegging?

  • FutanariPegging is a mixture of 2 fetishes, one being Futanari and the other being [Pegging.](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pegging_(sexual_practice)) Futanari where the Female has a penis and pegging where a male is getting penetrated anally.

Posting Guidelines

  • Only pictures of Futa on male
  • If you post a significant amount of content at one time, please consider posting the images in an album. Posts may be removed without warning if there is an unjustified flood by a single user. Please be considerate of other submitters.

Image Guidelines

These are the places you can post the images from, any other place and they will be removed no questions asked.

  • Imgur (Recommended)
  • Minus
  • g.e-Hentai.org
  • Hentai-Foundry
  • hbrowse
  • Pururin

If there are some missing that I should put feel free to message the moderators

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