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>#Welcome >Welcome to FutureWhatIf, a place to discuss all the possibilities that the future may hold.

>#Basic Rules & Suggestions

>1. Keep it realistic and somewhat serious. A scenario about the possibility of Obama raising the income tax rate to 75% in 2016 is good. A scenario about Obama revealing himself to be a powerful warlock in 2016 is not.

>2. Give context. You have an entire self post outside of the title to explain your question. Feel free to put your answer in there if you'd like! However better background creates a better question, and if you don't leave any background....

>3. Take liberty in answering the question! If OP didn't give enough context in their question, make up your own. The sub is based around quality answers, take liberty in the process of creating them.

>4. No joke or short, non-engaging comments. A joke inside an answer is fine, but address OP's question and engage in conversation.

>5. Civility and politeness are still rules. Don't correct bad spelling and/or grammar. Don't attack a person's politics and don't exalt your own. Please try and refrain from telling OP their scenario is impossible. If you do, at the least give a good explanation why. Report bad behavior to a mod if you see it.

>6. Start your posts with a [FWI] tag or 'What If'. We don't want this subreddit to cause heart trauma to users who forgot they were subscribed.

>7. Adding a date to the explanation is recommended. By default, questions without a date are assumed to start one month from the date posted.

>The rules are currently subject to change as the demands of the community evolve.

>If you see someone breaking these rules, please press the report button.

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