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Trade gift cards for Bitcoin, Paypal, or other cards

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Trade gift cards using PayPal, Bitcoin, and exchange gift cards.


  • YOUR COMMENT KARMA MUST BE OVER +50 to post in this sub. All submissions from users not meeting this criteria will be removed automatically.

  • When submitting a post, type [H], followed by what you have, and [W] followed by what you want

  • When you have successfully completed a trade, make a post that starts with [S]. When a moderator verifies that the trade is successful you will get a flair that shows successful trades.

  • If you see someone with a flair such as [1] or [5], etc, then they have completed [x] successful trades.

  • We will ban accounts that have been reported to not hold up their end of the trade. In addition to suffering the wrath of the ban-hammer, scammers will be awarded their very own, mod-customized shame-flair.

  • Make sure that you communicate with the user in this subreddit, to ensure that they have not been banned.

Be wary of new accounts with low karma

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