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Grand Theft Auto

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This reddit community is dedicated to the game Grand Theft Auto. Feel free to discuss any aspect of the game you want. This is an open forum to discuss the current, as well as past seasons. Please use spoiler tags accordingly, see below on how to use them.

Post Spoilers in this format

[X Kills Y!](/spoiler)

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X Kills Y!

Posting a video?

Here is the deal with videos in this sub... self promotion of your own youtube channel is not allowed, use facebook. If you are posting a general video we allow it, it will be automatically removed and you will get a fun comment, message the mods, it will be reviewed and maybe approved. Sorry if you hate this rule, but we are done with the youtube spam here

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GTA Wiki

r/LANoire - LA Noire sub

r/GrandTheftAutoV - GTA V sub

r/gtacontent - Show off what you got

r/SAMP - GTA San Andreas Multiplayer

r/rockstar - Developments from Rockstar

r/GtaOnlineCrews - Join a crew for GTA V!

r/gtaonline - Subreddit dedicated to GTA Online!

r/WastedGIFS - Subreddit dedicated to non-GTA-related gifs that end with the GTA WASTED effect [NEW]

r/GtaPedestrians - The various misfortunes and situations that pedestrians in GTA get involved in [NEW]

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