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Gone Wild: Couples Edition

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For those that love partaking in the GoneWild submissions, but want to share together! As well as for those that like to view couples in action. <3

Verification Instructions.

The nudity here is 100% free! Don't advertise here (or use us elsewhere), ask/offer money, votes, or anything else (well, comments and love are okay, you get the idea).

We recommend Vidble as it has better privacy options and minimizes hotlinking elsewhere

Please read the Rules!

1.Report any comments or threads you find abusive. We check the reported queue often. If you come across a user being mean spirited or posting personal info, click the report link. When you argue with a troll, you are entering a competition to see who has more free time. You will lose, because you have a life and the troll does not. Do not EVER respond to trolls. Instead, report them!

2.This subreddit is for pictures of couples, if you have a submission that only has one person in it, it will be removed.(seriously, cumshots don't count.)

3.Don't make creepy, threatening, or malicious comments. Don't be an asshole or crash our party with your drama. Respect the anonymity of our users or be banned. If you link to another user's personal info / content outside reddit--if you so much as try to guess a name--you will be shown the door.

4.The Reddit spam filter sometimes mistakenly nabs perfectly genuine non-spam posts. If you think a submission of yours or someone else has been filtered, please contact the moderators.

If you use reddit to sell panties, fetish items, cam shows, or anything similar, and wish to post to GwCouples, please do so under a separate account. We wish to remain separated from all money-making endeavors, so that GwCouples remains a purely exhibitionists subreddit where people post for absolutely no other reason than the thrill of it

For hookups,/r/r4r.

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