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Sexy Nerd Central

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About GWNerdy

Sexy Nerds are the best kinds of nerds! This subreddit doesn't discriminate or limit submissions based on gender, so guys, gals, or anything in between, feel free to post, but please, FOLLOW THE RULES.


  1. Rude comments will be removed. Repeated offenders will be banned.
  2. Do not request personal details or post personal details - submitter is omit from this rule if they wish to post their own details, so long as it follows rule 3.
  3. No commercial or private sales of goods and/or services, or calls to action (requesting followers on social media, requesting viewers for a webcam show, etc.)
  4. No announcements of any kind, regardless of subject, without prior mod approval.
  5. No blatant shots of your genitals as the first (or only) picture. This applies mostly to the waist down.

Things the GW Users and Mods have deemed "Not Nerdy":

  • Reading or holding a book, even if it's Sci-Fi or similar - visit /r/gwbooks
  • Owning just a t-shirt of something nerdy - Anyone can order a t-shirt, but owning a limited edition lightsaber signed by Mark?

Failure to follow all rules could lead to being banned. Please don't make us ban you.


Nerdification is this subs form of Verification found on other "Wild" subs. Not only do you get a sweet pair of nerdy glasses as your flair, you also get auto-approval of all your posts here! You are still subject to following the same rules as everyone else, nerdified or not, and if you break the rules, you will be stripped of your nerdification.

If you want to be Nerdified all you have to do is submit a picture of you holding a handwritten sign with your Reddit username, A date from this year, and either a "Wild" subreddit or simply "" written on it.

If you are already verified in the other subreddits, just message the mods with the post of the verification.

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