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Gaki no Tsukai

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> Batsu Games
Batsu Games
No-Laughing Batsu Games


> Absolutely Tasty
Episode list


> Kiki Series
List by short_lurker


> Silent Library
Silent Library (2004): 1 Silent Library (2004): 2
Silent Library (2008)
Silent Library (2016): 1 Silent Library (2016): 2


> Other Other Subbed Episodes Manzai
Gottsu Ee Kanji Dokkiri (Prank)
Ashita ga Aru sa
Shichi Henge
Team Fight & Oogiri Daigassen
World Downtown


> Live Streams
DuckToaster *


Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! is a Japanese variety show which stars comedians Matsumoto Hitoshi, Hamada Masatoshi, Tsukitei (Yamazaki) Hōsei, Tanaka Naoki and Endō Shōzō. It is best known to western audiences for the annual No-Laughing Batsu Games and the original version of Silent Library.

Submissions aren't limited to just Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!, you can post anything related to the members of Downtown, Cocorico and Tsukitei Hōsei.

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