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Game Mods - Video Game Modifications

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A subreddit for the discussion of Game Modifications.


Formatting posts: use [Game name or abbreviation] then your title for ease of use.
Add link flair when appropriate.

Useful Links

ModDB - Largest Modding Community

TESNexus - Excellent Resource for The Elder Scrolls mods

Mod Sentry - Modding News Site

PlanetPhillip - HL2 orientated site

Mods Reloaded - Mod Download Site

Comprehensive mod link database (for individual games and of all modding sites - under constant construction - help out by posting more in the thread)

Our Steam Group - For playing mods with each other - events will be posted

Modding AMAs

Last AMA: Wednesday 7th March 5pm GMT - MERP Team

Next AMA: N/A

Our Friends

/r/PlayDate (For co-ordinated cross subreddit mod playing events)

Other Modding Subreddits

Moddingguides (For detailed modding guides)

Source Mods (For all mods based on the Source engine)

Skyrim Mods (For Skyrim Modding)

Neotokyo (Neotokyo subreddit [Source Mod])

No More Room In Hell (No More Room In Hell subreddit [Source Mod])

FortressForever (Fortress Forever subreddit [Source Mod])

ProjectAwsome (Project Reality subreddit [BF2 Mod])

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