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Nintendo Gameboy

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Welcome to /r/Gameboy!

- This subreddit is for the discussion of all things related to the Nintendo Game Boy. Feel free to post pictures of collections, mods, homebrew games, and anything else Game Boy related!

March Contest:


Super Mario Land

Helpful Links:

Fake Cartridge Thread

Kitsch-Bent - Custom parts, mods, flash carts, etc.

Hand Held Legend - Screen modification parts (backlights, bivert mod, replacement screen shields) Game Boy Builder

Thursday Customs - Full custom builds, custom parts, mods, etc.

Nonfinite Electronics - Refurbished systems, replacement parts, etc.

Mortoff Games - Replacement parts, etc.

Rose Colored Gaming - Full custom builds, Micro faceplates, GBA shells, & custom parts.

J-Bit Retro - Full custom builds, shells, and screen shields (Facebook)

Stang Boy Customs - Full custom builds, gallery, and links to other related material

Dr. Gameboy - Full custom builds, instructional videos/live streams

Cat Skull Electronics - Chiptune accessories and more.

[General Painting Guide] ( Covers most plastics used in the Game Boy line.

Everdrive GB - Flash cart for the Game Boy

Game Boy Camera Tutorial

Game Boy Color Palette For DMG Games

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