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  • General rules

  • Report rule violations; don't engage


Modmail us if it isn't obvious why something breaks the rules.


If content breaks the rules, don't respond to it.

  • Ghazi aims to hold itself to the highest standards of trans-inclusion


Trans issues and terminology are important and we encourage you to be up to date on these before engaging with trans people. User suggested resources can be found here.


Besides outright transphobia, outing people or speculating on their gender identity, whether cis or trans is not allowed. This includes posting comments from other forums that speculate.


Misgendering people, asking for details about an individual's surgery, and erasing non-binary experiences is also not allowed.


Don't dispute or otherwise delegitimize someone's understanding of their own gender or lack thereof.


If you are unsure whether your comment/submission would follow these rules, message the moderators first. * Civility is required


Disabilities and mental illnesses are not to be used as insults and should not be part of your comment unless speaking of your own or absolutely relevant.


Making racist/sexist/phobic comments is not ok.


Leave “gamer” stereotypes out of your comment (e.g. sexless, neck bearded, teenaged, basement-dwelling, etc).


Don't compare people to animals, or otherwise deny their humanity.


Don't be a jerk. There is a real human being on the other side of your screen.


Even if you think someone is the worst human on the planet, do not wish death or harm upon them.


No "justice porn". Posts regarding legal action and similar is allowed, but celebrating someone being harmed is not


Contrarianism for its own sake is unnecessary. * No calls to action


GamerGhazi is not an advocacy group.


No planning operations or similar. * No brigading


Comments that link reddit posts/comments must be formatted as (NOT This is AutoModerator enforced.


Don't vote/comment when linked to another subreddit. This applies also to visitors from other subreddits: Do not vote or comment after following external links to Ghazi.

  • No pro-GG posts or promoting fascism


This includes “JAQing off”, intentionally asking leading questions while pretending to be a neutral party, or downplaying the actions of GG, the alt-right or other fascist groups..

  • Use spoiler tags


If it's not something that would be covered in the average review, please be courteous to other users and put it in a spoiler. Use [type_of_spoiler](#s "spoiler text") to denote spoilers. Must be straight quotes, not angled quotes! Disable "smart quotes" in your autocorrect if having issues. Message mods for help.
* Moderator discretion


Moderators can take action even if none of the rules above are broken.


If you disagree with a moderator decision/action, please take it to modmail.


  • Rules for submissions
  • Social justice issues in movies, media, gaming, television, music, internet culture, etc.
  • Submissions concerning social justice issues outside of the above areas should be submitted to /r/AmalaNetwork
  • General Submissions


Link submissions must be about issues in media, and/or internet culture. Message the moderators for approval before submitting anything that doesn't fit under this umbrella.


The following will need moderator approval (modmail us) before posting:
---Fundraising posts
---Research projects
---Posts about having left GG


No [OT] in titles. If you think it's off-topic, message mods and we will tell you if it's ok to post. This is automod enforced.

  • Social Media


Tweets/Reddit submissions must be in a self-post or Storify/Medium


---Submissions about reddit posts/comments must be formatted as (NOT


At least two sentences need to be written in the self-post explaining relevance and background.


Featured tweets and reddit content must have an engagement of 10 (+/- points, favs, retweets, comments).


Twitter accounts that are not your own, with under 1000 followers, need their username blocked out and tweet should be linked as a screenshot (Print Screen or Alt+Print Screen on Windows, Shift+CMD+4 on OS X, make sure to edit out your personal info if included).


You MUST send a link to the tweet to the moderators for verification, or your post will NOT be approved.


Block out usernames from all other non-reddit social media unless content is from a notable person. * Videos


Videos must be submitted in a self-post.


At least one paragraph (four sentences) must be written about why this video is being posted and what it contains.


Use appropriate content warnings (sexual assault, graphic violence, etc.).


  • Sister subreddits
  • /r/AmalaNetwork - For all things social justice that do not fit in /r/GamerGhazi.
  • /r/GhaziGamer - Do you play games? Because we play games. Let's talk.


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