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Welcome to Gamerpals!

We welcome all those who seek friends to play games with, we do have a few guidelines on making a post to make the search a little easier though!

We have a few rules, that we would like you to follow:

  • Mention your region/timezone in your title or post, your post will be removed if it does not contain any. Try to use common timezone formats to avoid confusion!

  • Introduce yourself and let others know what friends you'd like to find!

  • Mentioning your age is not mandatory but could help find people in your age group!

  • Be polite!

  • Please mention some of the games and/or platforms you'd like to play on. Extremely ambiguous posts may be removed at a moderator's discretion.

  • Feel free to be creative with your title, we won't nitpick on those who avoid the age/location/ format and encourage originality to interest your future gamerpals!

  • Please refrain from using our subreddit for advertisement purposes without contacting us about it first!

  • /r/Gamerpals does not allow mass-recruitment. This includes any form of recruitment that involves sizable communities or groups. /r/Gamerpals is meant as a place where people can meet other people without the hassle of having to join a community or gaming group.

  • Please refrain from creating gender-specific posts. We are not a dating subreddit and like to think that gender doesn't take a part in whether someone will make for a suitable gamerpal.

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Try out /r/Steamship to look for friends for steam-specific games!


If you're having trouble finding people to play your game find out whether or not a subreddit exists for your game already, popular games even have subreddits just to find people to play with!

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