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Games: The Movie!

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This subreddit is strictly a place to share YouTube videos that tell the entire story of a game.

This is usually done by a YouTube user compiling all the relevant cutscenes into a single (and often lengthy) video. You might be surprised how entertaining some of these videos can be.

It is strongly recommended that you only use these videos for games whose gameplay doesn't interest you or ones you have already played.


♫ Check out /r/GameMusic ♫

Submission Rules

  • Do not post videos of games yet to be released or incomplete.

  • Full playthrough videos may be removed if a significant amount of gameplay doesn't add to the story.

  • Don't include "Movie Version", "Movie", or "All Cutscenes" in the title - all submissions are movie versions containing all the cutscenes!


  • Don't include anything in the title except the name of the game, and the length / quality if you want to include it.

  • Keep ads at more than 30 minutes apart in a game film. Multiple ad breaks are again allowed but if you have ads that are too frequent, we'll remove the film on a case by case basis (and heavy violators will be banned).

  • For multi-part videos, post the playlist.
    (Minimum 30 min per video for playlist videos.)

  • Don't post parts of the same film as separate submissions. (Details)

Notes: Videos featuring audio commentaries will be removed. Keep opinions to the comment section.

Examples of Proper Post Titles:

BioShock (PS3/360) [720p, 2 Hours 40 Minutes]

BioShock [720p, 2 Hours 40 Minutes]

BioShock [720p]


Examples of Bad Post Titles:
(These will be removed.)

BioShock The Movie

BioShock 1 All Cutscenes

BioShock - I love this game!!1!



Assume all comments have spoilers in them and don't read them before watching the video. This goes for the YouTube pages and the reddit comments page.

Spoilers in reddit comments that aren't about the game in the post must be properly marked using the formatting below or you risk a ban.

[Spoiler](#s "The La Li Lu Le Lo!")

Result: Spoiler

To mark a spoiler as relevant to a specific game/topic, use the alternate formatting:

[LA Noire Spoiler](#s "Yawn...")

Result: LA Noire Spoiler

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