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For the pervert in us all

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This can be your community to talk anything kink! No taboos here (as long as reddit permits it) so please be respectful to others. One man's stink is another man's kink.

Newbies are welcome! This is the subreddit to ask your questions about any sort of fetish/kink/interest, this is your safe place and you will not be ridiculed for asking, only praised. Even if you are vanilla, or straight, or a lady, etc; your questions are welcome here. Just remember that respect is always paramount for all.

This subreddit was created with gay males as the target audience; however, everyone is welcome to learn, lurk, post, and peep. If you have any suggestions at all, please let us know. This is our community, build it how you want it.

Downvotes are for posts that lack content, not posts that do not share your kink. Any comments or posts which discourages a certain kink and does not contribute to discussion will be deleted. Examples would include "I find this gross" or "Nope" or even "This is not my thing but have fun" etc. This is a safe place for kink that doesn't need meaningless negativity; there is enough of that in the vanilla world. Violators may be banned even on first offense. This is our only set-in-stone rule, if you cannot follow it then this isn't the sub for you.

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  • and constantly on the lookout for other gay kinky subreddits! Message the mods if you have any in mind.

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