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Geometry is Neat

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A place to post images containing some kind of geometric patten, or just nice shapes


  • ^< 1. No Spam
  • No excessive posting or self promotion. It's OK every once in a while but not too frequently. Keep content relevant. Posts about math probems will result in a temporary ban.
  • ^< 2. Keep it Civil
  • No personal attacks of other readers of the subreddit. No racism, no speech, no witch hunts. Theres a difference between banter and insults, please don't cross it.
  • ^< 3. No Memes
  • There should be no need to post memes in this subreddit, it is centered around geometrically pleasing images.
  • Text should also not be on the picture unless it is some kind of analysis
  • ^< 4. Content Must be High Quality
  • No screenshots please, no memes, please try to find the highest quality photos you can. You can do reverse image searches using sites such as tineye
  • ^< 5. Follow the Rules of Reddit
  • We encourage you to also follow the reddiquette. Links to these below Rules of Reddit Reddiquette
  • ^< 6. Please Flair Your Posts
  • I understand on mobile it can be tricky, but if you can please flair them. It makes my life a whole lot easier
  • ^< 7. Image posts only
  • We only allow images, gifs, and videos
  • We are currently not accepting text posts
  • This may change in the future depending on feedback
  • ^< 8. Failure to follow rules could end in bans
  • There is a strike system in this subreddit. You will receive warnings for less serious offense and temporary bans if they persist but probably no perma-bans
  • Serious offences will lead to a warning followed by a ban, however, if extreme enough an immediate ban
  • ^< 9. Crossposts should be credited
  • More of a courtesy than a rule but if you take a post from here and post it elsewhere you should put "(x-post /R/geometryisneat)" (with a lower case r) in the title.
  • ^< 10. No Reposts
  • No reposts from the current front page, the top 42, or the last 2 months (unless the post did poorly, however do not spam it)

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If you have any questions or suggestions be sure to message the moderators

>#Have fun and post away!

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