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Self help, self control, sleep hacking — GetOutOfBed

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Because hibernation is for bears!

For people who have a hard time getting out of bed, getting good sleep, or just want to improve their sleep—or all of the above!

Share your tips and tricks. Share your insights and challenges. Ask a question. List your morning routine. Post a picture of the sunrise.


Take the GetOutOfBed pledge: stop sleeping in and reclaim more precious waking hours!

  • When the alarm goes off, you must immediately get out of bed and not go back to sleep. The snooze button is off-limits!
  • If you aren't using an alarm clock, you must immediately get out of bed when you first notice you wake up (exceptions allowed if you wake up much too early).
  • Be consistent! The more days you keep these rules, the cooler you are. You can always turn your alarm off and let your body wake you up if you feel you need a break.
  • The ultimate goal is to never sleep in again.


Update your flair to show fellow comrades how long it's been since you last slept in!

To create or reset your badge counter, click here!

Change the YYYY-MM-DD to the day that you first woke up on time. i.e. January 2, 2013 = 2013-01-02. The badge will count each consecutive day for you. If you do sleep in, just reset your badge in the same way. Please note that the badge counter runs on CST and takes a few minutes to update after sending the message.

To remove a badge, click here!

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