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Gift games to strangers; Receive games from strangers.

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Welcome to Gift of Games

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Inspired by /r/RandomKindness and /r/RandomActsofGaming, GoG is a place to give away and request games and game-related items. Make someone's day now!

The Rules:

This is an abridged version of our full rules, view the full rules for more info(note - short version may be outdated) Hover over each rule for more details

  1. You must meet these criteria: ^(Accounts must be at least 2 months of age with 300+ comment karma and a valid post history.)
  2. Do not delete anything ^(Deleting giveaway entries or Request/GoG posts will result in temporary ban)
  3. Steam ID/Other non private accounts required: ^(When entering giveaways/making a request, link the relevant public account profile page.)
  4. Use the appropriate post tags: ^( - [OFFER] - Giveaways, -[REQUEST] - Requests, - [GOG] - Thanks Post/Other, - [INTRO] - Introduce yourself, - [DISCUSSION] - Start a discussion - [STEAM] or [XBOX] etc. along with the above to specify platform)

  5. Offers and requests must be kept separate at all times! ^( If you are both requesting and offering items, make separate threads. If your post includes both an offer and a request it will be removed. Trading is not allowed here.)

  6. [GoG] thank you threads are required. ^(After receiving ANYTHING from /r/giftofgames you are REQUIRED to post a [GoG] post thanking your gifter.)
  7. Editing your flair is mandatory. ^(Everyone must change their flair accordingly when gifting or receiving something.More information
  8. You may not receive games for anyone else ^(Gifts you receive must be activated and played by you)
  9. Code dumps are not allowed. ^(Do not post Game Keys/Humble Links out in the open.)
  10. Game Hoarding will result in a temp ban. ^(Don't win lots games then not play them.)
  11. You must have at least achieved level 2 on the Steam platform, to receive Steam games here. ^(You will not be able to take part in the community until you meet this requirement)


If you have any initial questions, they have probably been answered by the FAQ.

View the Official FAQ here


Be sure to change your flair after giving or receiving anything. You may be banned for a time if you do not submit a [GoG] post thanking your gifter after receiving anything.

How to change your flair

Helpful Links

Shared Ban List

A list of scammers and people abusing others' kindness in various subreddits.

/u/MaximumDan's Guide to getting gifted

A basic introduction to successful requests, and how to improve your chances of having said requests fulfilled.


Three exemplary requests to take note of:

-- /u/mrfaceroll : Round 2! Battlefield 4 to celebrate my ascension from Intel HD 3K graphics! 50% off on Amazon, and now includes an awfully written story!


-- /u/JpsCrazy : Newman's Sky


-- /u/DjSoulFuck : Aegis Javelin-class Destroyer w/ Lifetime Insurance (LTI) [Star Citizen Ship]

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