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Unique gift ideas for your loved ones..

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Rules define a subreddit. So let's start with the 8 golden rules of this subreddit first.


  • Make sure to submit unique gift ideas only. If it isn't unique it does not belong here.

  • Please flair your posts appropriately. AutoModerator already does quite a bit of automatic flairing, but it's not perfect, so please check that the flair is appropriate for your post.

  • Make sure to link to the product link directly if possible. Links from trustworthy sites like Amazon, Etsy, Ebay etc are preferred.

  • Due to this subreddit getting a lot of spam, if your account is very new and/or has very little karma, your submission/comment will be removed. If your post does get removed, you can send us a modmail and, if your post isn't spam and doesn't violate any other rules, we'll approve it.

  • No referral links without a warning in the comment or post title.

  • No ad hominem attacks or threats, including troll-feeding responses.

  • If you believe a post or comment is spam, breaks our rules, breaks reddit's rules, or is otherwise inappropriate, please click the "report" button and submit a report (with a reason, please).

  • If over 10% of your submissions and conversation are your own site/content/affiliate links, you're almost certainly a spammer. [1] [2] [3]

And that's it for now. More rules may be added here as the community grows depending on what you guys think is important. But the most important thing is to keep submitting unique gift ideas here and stay awesome.

How to tell whether the gift is unique?

I would say that if you think that the gift you found out is unique, it most probably is unique. If you submit it here, you'll find out.

Self posts asking for gift ideas are also allowed here.

Just mention "Looking for a gift for my 'xyz'" in the title and mention the things he/she likes the most plus other details like the occasion and/or budget in the description. We could have a discussion about it and find the most suitable and cutest gift for that 'xyz' of yours :)

We all love gifts, don't we?? :)

Please send us a modmail if your post gets stuck in the spamfilter. We receive at least 20+ spam posts everyday and it's hard to go through each submission.

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> * - family - significant other - friend - gift suggestions, other - need gift suggestions/help finding specific gift

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