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Welcome to GilmoreGirls, a place to love, discuss, and marvel at the awesomeness that is Gilmore Girls.

Please feel free to share news or stories pertaining to the Gilmore Girls or any of the other cast members

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Revival Discussion Threads

Gilmoregirls Rules and Etiquette Reminders:

  • Mark spoilers. This means anything you think could be taken as a spoiler, mark it. Be courteous of your fellow fans. They might not be as caught up as you. Here's a nice writeup on how to do spoilers. We are going with the text If you're unable to or just can't remember how to do a spoiler, then do something like (WARNING SPOILER!) or (SPOILER WARNING:) even (POSSIBLE SPOILERS) to draw attention to the fact you may in fact be spoilering something.

  • Revival spoilers are not allowed to appear in post titles. Any post that shows a spoiler in the title will be removed

  • All posts that will discuss spoilers regarding the revival must have a [SPOILER] tag at the beginning of the post. If your post contains revival spoilers and is not tagged, it will be removed.

  • To keep content fresh, reposts will be removed at moderator discretion.

  • All comments that contain revival spoilers must use spoiler tags. Any comments containing spoilers that are not properly tagged will be removed, except within a thread already marked as containing revival spoilers.

  • We have post flair! Please flair all your posts.

  • Mark everything NSFW (not safe for work) as such. If it crosses your mind it may make someone uncomfortable or could get a viewer in trouble at their job, please mark it 'Possibly NSFW'.

  • Do not use the downvote button for differing opinions. This is what civil, adult discussions are for.

  • Be respectful. People are allowed to like things or disagree with you without it turning into a rage filled Friday Night Dinner. We are not allowed to treat one another badly on this sub. Name calling and/or personal attacks are not allowed. If this happens your comment will be removed.

  • If you have an issue please contact the mods via modmail instead of airing your grievances on a thread or post. If you do not comply then the comment or post will be removed at the mods discretion.

  • Lastly, have fun! Gilmore Girls is a show about a close knit town of fun, wacky characters, so a forum dedicated to it should be no different.

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