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Girls Humping Things

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  1. 18+ only, anyone posting under-aged content will be banned from this sub and reported to Admins.

  2. Submissions must be of girls humping things (mostly humping on things), not simply jilling with typical sex toys or humping people. Exceptional content of girls utilizing unique items is acceptable.

  3. Posts must provide direct links to images. If using Imgur, simply right-click the image, select "Open in a new tab", and submit that URL.

  4. Pics, videos, gifs, html5, and streaming vids from approved sources are welcome. Blog posts are not. Reposts from this sub will be removed.

  5. Blatant [self promotion] ( and [spam] ( will be removed at the mods' discretion and repeat offenders will be banned from the sub.

  6. Do not re-post anything that's in our Top 25. Please check, mods will remove posts.

Please message the mods here if:

  • You see a post in violation of the rules. It's important that you not only report the post, but also provide the mods with the specific reason for the report.
  • If you've made a post or comment that isn't showing up. Please review the rules first, and if you haven't violated them, message us because it may have gotten caught in the spam filter.

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