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Girls Mirin

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A subreddit to post woman 'mirin on men or women.

The rules:

1) Men 'mirin women/men is not allowed. These posts will be deleted.

2) No memes, captioned images, or otherwise macros.

3) 'Mirin is 'mirin even if they are an actor. Do not complain in the comments that it isn't 'mirin because they are actors.

4) No photoshopped or otherwise edited pictures.

5) Content must depict a female 'mirin. The subject being 'mired on must be visible in the picture/video.

6) Please do not repost content. Check if the picture or video has been posted before on the sub before submitting.

7) PM the mods about rule breaking or report the posts. Don't complain in the comments.

8) Do not link to hateful or 'bully' subreddits. This is a positive and welcoming community and linking to these subs is not in the spirit of /r/GirlsMirin

>For anyone confused by the word 'mirin click here

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