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Girls with Glasses (Some NSFW)

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/r/GirlswithGlasses is dedicated to celebrating beautiful women who wear glasses or monocles. This subreddit is NSFW and hardcore content is welcome. Please use Imgur to host your images - spam will be removed.

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  1. Only approved hosts are and
  2. Even for SFW pictures, models have to be 18+.
  3. Frames and monocles are allowed, sunglasses are not. Visit /r/girlswithsunglasses for that.
  4. Low quality images will be removed. This includes pictures with shady watermarks, grainy/low-res ones, pictures with captions or snap filters all over them, etc.
  5. Promoting Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram accounts, or linking to commercial third-party sites is an instantly bannable offense. This includes Instagram watermarks on pictures and the like. Selling services of any kind is not allowed.

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