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Glitch in the Matrix

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"Eye-witness event(s) that cannot be explained with critical thinking."

Share true testimonials of the unexplainable. Anything that appears to violate the laws of physics will qualify.



  1. Be polite.
  2. Be grounded in critical thinking.
  3. No hearsay; the witness must be the submitter.
  4. No reports where the witness (you) were intoxicated or fatigued at the time.
  5. No old tales (childhood or "once upon a time"); we will only accept testimonials about events that took place within five(5) years of the date of your submission.
  6. No testimonals about Optical illusions, Ghosts, UFOs, Dreams and Visions or Mandela Effect reports, including Berenst#in Bears.
  7. No Trolling. We actively prune troll posts and ban trolls.
  8. No Low Effort / Gibberish / Nonsense; Reports must be at least understandable. We accept reports from people who speak English as a second language if we can mostly understand the submitter, but we reserve the right to remove posts or comments that are nonsensical or too difficult to understand.
  9. No Shilling: We do not allow posts or comments that include a corporate focus. Instead, generalize. ie: instead of naming a fast food company, just mention that the glitch occurred in relation to “a fast food restaurant.”


Dream submissions are allowed if the glitch occurred outside of the dream.


Most people have experiences of knowing someone was about to call before they did, or have other highly unlikely coincidences or synchronicities happen. Some people experience dreams of (usually mundane but specific) things that later come true, or strong feelings of intuition that save them from accidents or worse.

This is a place to share the things we usually tell ourselves to forget, because they're just too out of step with what experience tells us reality should be like.

Recommended - To get a feel for what this sub is about, please read the original thread that led to this subreddit being created.

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