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"Gnar gada!"

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> Be respectful to others > Familiarize yourself with the Dunning-Kruger effect before answering any questions > Don't make a "New to Gnar Any Tips?" post. Just use all of the wealth of information kept on the sidebar in the form of links to guides and high-ELO Gnar OTP OP.GGs. You could also just type "New to Gnar Any Tips" into the search bar with the box checked and read the responses given to the absurd number of other people who have asked the same exact question > Upvote people who are contributing to the conversation and/or trying to help - even if you disagree with them. Only downvote if the person is breaking the rules or not contributing to the conversation > If you shitpost it better be fucking hilarious, because otherwise it will be deleted and you will be banned (or worse - told you're not funny) > Stay on topic; keep discussions Gnar related > No NSFW; Let's keep it clean! > Only post your stream if you're online + streaming. Remove the post once you've completed streaming for the day > Don't ask why you can't get an S/S+ on Gnar. It's always because your farm is too low > The mods reserve the right to remove any content they deem detrimental to the site > Enjoy yourself! :)

>#####* This is to prevent a crowding of offline stream posts and to allow everyone a chance to promote their stream.

Useful Links

>0. Gameplay Discord >0. Community Discord >0. Mastery/Rank Flair >0. Hall of Fame >0. Gnar Clubs >0. Official /r/GnarMains Youtube Channel >0. >0. LoLAlytics >0. Games of Legends (Gnar tournament stats) >0. LoL Wiki >0. LoL Skill >0. Mobafire

Gnar Guides

> If you're new and don't know where to start feel free to message u/BountyHunterZ3r0 or u/Nanobyte427 for some help learning League's best champion!

>0. Gnar Guide by /u/FatTrate >0. Gnar Top by /u/Rocketmike >0. Gnar Top by /u/Nanobyte427 >0. Gnar Support by /u/GRAMSINATOR >0. Gnar Top by /u/Enix_Blaze

>##### Have a guide? Let us know!

Gnar Streamers

>>#####Have a Gnar related stream? Let us know!

Hall of Fame (Huge shoutout to u/iGloverfield for updating it!)

>######Message the moderators with proof of your mastery to get added! Summoner Name | Server | Points --|--|-- Shiiyo Kinshi | EUW | 1.536M SquirmingFrog | NA | 1.250M Jefto | NA | 1.041M Gnarly Telephone | EUNE | 1.040M Hi Im Gnar | LAN | 749k SkyMadness | EUW | 740k JellyCub | OCE | 708k ENIX BLAZE | NA | 625k Huebone | NA | 597k Dandy Yordle | LAN | 560k Gnarcotic | EUNE | 527k orangemeatball | NA | 504k Myloo | NA | 499k VinylCore | EUNE | 472k Gnart Even Close | NA | 467k Taliyah Prime | EUW | 437k TheReperon1 | EUNE | 436k Accyx | EUW | 433k Liammase | EUW | 413k Lxpu | NA | 413k Haywonaut | NA | 405k Slave in Utero | NA | 389k mp273 | EUW | 375k GnarZ | EUNE | 366k SquirrelPie | EUW | 354k SketchPonyOfPad | NA | 310k XDouglasXDD | LAN | 305k Luqo | NA | 293k El Romana | EUNE | 279k Cozzade | EUW | 269k Imitras | EUW | 256k Jermaiine | EUW | 248k Skye the Yordle | LAS | 246k warsonic5040 | NA | 233k Ragingg | NA | 230k SupahV7 | NA | 223k Woofasaurus | NA | 217k Meltinface | NA | 197k Alex56541 | EUNE | 196k mrFUNNYKILLER14 | NA | 178k The Dehumanizer | NA | 177k Derwichel | EUW | 170k Shifthappen1 | NA | 161k Frosttz | NA | 158k EasyAsMyExWife | NA | 149k Fabrimuch | LAS | 149k Young Rato | EUW | 146k MantisShrimpPimp | NA | 19k

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