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Gone Erotic - It is more than just nudity

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>###[Bondage Can be Erotic] Winner > Congratulations to /u/kittykatsfluffi for winning our [Bondage Can be Erotic] Contest. > > List of /r/GoneErotic/ Contest Winners, second and third places. >

>###Banner > /r/GoneErotic will have a banner every 3 or 4 months! So, if you want to be on the banner, but missed the current one, don't worry, you can submit a picture for the next one ;) > List of People on current Banner!

>###Running Contests No Contests Running

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>###About GoneErotic GoneErotic is a place for women and men who likes to take pictures more than just showing their bodies without a bit of teasing and erotism to post pictures of themselves, showing it off in a comfortable environment without pressure. We don't care how mild or wild you go just as long as you have fun teasing us all. GoneErotic is a seller friendly subreddit, so if you're a seller, you can post here too, you just can't use GoneErotic to sell things, but you will not be punished for being a seller =)

>###Be Respectful People here are naked for pleasure and for our pleasure, anyone who want to post a sexy, erotic and/or teasing pictures, videos or gifs will be welcome here, so please, don't be disrespectful and don't offend the girls/guys posting here. > GoneErotic is made for people enjoy the nice material, pictures, gifs or videos that our posters submit, this is NOT a place for judgements. So, if you dislike any post, for any reason, keep your judgement to yourself and just don't look to the post. Mean comments or anything we consider inappropriate will be removed and, in some cases, can cause a permanent ban. > Please, report any comments or threads you find abusive and help this sub to be a better place to the brave posters that make us all happier! If you're caught insulting one of our posters, you will be banned!

>###About Posting You must be 18+ to post > Please, make a [female] or [male] tag in the title of your submission. Feel free to play with this tag, couples can have a [fm] tag or separated [f][m] tags, transexual can have a [t] tag... > Don't submit pictures with just nudity, be a sexy exhibitionist and tease us. > Guys who want to post, take some time to read this post with some tips made by /u/be_my_plaything/ from /r/kinksters_gone_wild.

>###Verification Submit 3 pictures with you holding a paper written by hand with your username, a reference to /r/GoneErotic and the date, put a [Verification] tag in the title. Don't forget the sub idea, be erotic in your verification too ;) > If you are verified at another sub, just sent to the mods the link to your verification. > You don't need to show your your face in verification or other posts.

>###Just Your Pictures/Gifs/Videos This sub is for people to post their own pictures/gifs/videos! > Don't try to post someone else's photos as your own. > We will ask for verification if we suspect that your pictures/gifs/videos aren't yours. > Don't post models or this kind of pictures (unless you are the model!)

>###Our Featured Friends > > > > Link Images and CSS by: /u/be_my_plaything >

>###Our Friends /r/GoneMild > /r/GoneInsane > /r/shirtbiting > /r/GentlemenGW > /r/GifsOfRemoval > /r/TeaseMePleaseMe >

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