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r/GoneInsane: Reddit Gone Insane!!! Post anything NSFW.

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"Post anything... Wild, photoshopped, no rules... Wilder than GW!!!" - xxxlipslikesugarxxx (co-founder) ;)

Why choose Gone Insane over all those other alternative NSFW sub-reddits? That's because here at r/goneinsane you can post anything you please, all in one place. Link your NSFW photos, video, animated GIFs and audio, as well as text/self posts. Original content only, please.

Reposted submissions will be deleted!

Submissions that have been posted, deleted & reposted will be deleted!

r/GoneInsane is a place for adult Women AND Men to post links!

All are welcome to post in r/GoneInsane regardless of gender.

Common courtesy and respect toward the Women and Men who submit posts is paramount.

There may not be any restrictions as to what you submit or in what format it is submitted, but don't be an ASS!!! The rules of Reddiquette still apply.

The "Insane" aspect applies to submissions, not comments.

Rude or abusive comments and demands made upon Moderators and/or Submitters will not be tolerated. Submission poaching and requests made by moderators and creators of other similar sub-reddits will be deleted. These comments will be deleted without question and may accompany a ban from r/GoneInsane.

Message our Moderators immediately if you find such comments being made about your submitted link so that the appropriate action may be taken to ensure you experience a comfortable environment in which to post.

If you have the overwhelming need to express your appreciation for another's submission, feel free to submit one of your own.

Throw away account submissions

Throw away account submissions will be marked as spam until Gone Insane verification is provided.

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Display the following items so that it can be easily read by our moderators...

  • Your User Name.
  • The current date.
  • r/GoneInsane.

Write it on your fine ass body or on a soiled tissue and take a picture or video of yourself. Make a drawing or painting and add the 3 items required for verification somewhere around or in the image. Record audio of yourself mentioning your user name, the date and r/GoneInsane. Be sure to add the word "VERIFICATION" in the title of your submission. Flair will be assigned based on submission content.

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