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Reddit Gone Mild! Share your clothed pictures with fellow reditors

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Just like GoneWild but with clothes on! Redditors 18+ showing it off in a comfortable, friendly and classy environment without pressure. Breaking the rules listed below may get your post or comment removed without prior warning.

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  1. The purpose is to have a milder version of /r/gonewild, so no nipples and/or areola, no reproductive organs or pubic areas on display - and that's the same rule for both males and females.
  2. Keep both titles and pictures mild. If you need to ask if it's too far, it's probably too far. No sexual acts, no masturbation!
  3. Using your title to beg for upvotes is against Reddit's Intergalactic Law.
  4. Report any comments or threads you find abusive. Please also add a brief description. If you come across a user being mean spirited or posting personal info, click the report link. Don't feed the troll!
  5. Be respectful. Don't insult the ones brave enough to submit photos / videos. Do not ask the OP to take off more clothes, the whole point of GoneMild is posing in whatever you're comfortable with. This also includes PMs sent to OP.
  6. Don't make creepy, threatening, or malicious comments. Don't be an asshole or crash our party with your drama. Respect the anonymity of our users or be banned.
  7. The Reddit spam filter sometimes mistakenly nabs perfectly genuine non-spam posts. If you think a submission of yours or someone else has been filtered, please contact the moderators.
  8. You may add a [male]/[m] or [female]/[f] or [trans]/[t] or simply a [?] tag in the title of your submission(s), if it's not obvious from your title or username.
  9. Although no content should be R-rated, the nature of this sub may still be sexual. This means that all participants must be over the age of 18. But if you have to ask if your post is too wild, you should just post it to GoneWild or GoneErotic
  10. Keeping things "mild in spirit" is always a subjective choice, and the mods have the last word.
  11. Tip: Be sure to check that no geotags (GPS coordinates) are attached to your photos. Some devices automatically attach geotags.
  12. Don't forget that once posted on the internet, you may risk that any picture is all over the place. Don't post anything you don't want others to see.
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