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Trans* Redditors Gone Wild!

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This subreddit exists for trans* members of Reddit to go wild and post their nude bodies in exchange for karma. Just like /r/gonewild.

How To Get Verified

Private messages asking for verification pictures? Gross, spammy or harassing PMs? Clicking the 'block' link helps bring it to Reddit admin attention.

Posting Guidelines

Wild: Nudity is required! You can of course post a gallery leading up to nudity, but there needs to be at least some kind of upper or lower body nudity in any and all posts.

Photos/Videos If the photo/video isn't of you, you shouldn't be posting it. Photos/Videos may not be touched up, professional photos/videos of any kind. They should be raw, amateur photos/video specifically taken to post here. (High quality amateur photos/videos with nice cameras/tripods, etc. are totally acceptable.)

Crossdressers Please do not post here, your posts will be removed. There are subs for you here: /r/GoneWildCD. Repeat offenders will be banned. YOU MUST BE ON HRT TO POST HERE.

Report any comments or threads you find abusive. We check the reported queue often. If you come across a user being mean spirited or posting personal info, click the report link.

Be Respectful. Don't insult anyone who posts here. Referring to a girl as 'he' or disrespectfully misgendering someone will result in an instant and perma-ban.

Advertisements We totally understand and respect that a lot of folks work in the adult industry in some form or fashion, and we support that! Post titles may not contain any kind of advertisement, so that means no URLs or any kind of advertisement in a post title. You may post a single comment containing your website or link to your escorting ad. At no point in time should anyone ever be discussing money for any purpose here. This is a strictly enforced rule.

We reserve the right to remove any posts that we believe are too heavily spamming

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