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A reminder on discussion in r/GooglePixel

Official Guide

For answers, support and more information on the Pixel phones, by Google and the community.

Welcome to r/GooglePixel, the (un)official home of #teampixel and the #MadeByGoogle lineup on Reddit. Find news, solve issues, get opinions and answers, and even share memes on the subreddit for the Pixel phones, Pixelbook, and other Google devices like Google Home and Chromecast.

Important Links

The Wiki

Everything you need, including support, flair info, leaks, and AMAs, is right here.

Where is my update?

This post by u/jaykresge may help to explain why you're still waiting for the latest update, and why carriers may be the reason.


Join us in our chatrooms on Telegram, Allo, and Discord!

For more information on all of the devices in the Made By Google lineup, and other Google-related products, check out these subreddits:

  • r/PixelXL (broken sub at r/PixelXL_)
  • r/Daydream
  • r/GoogleHome
  • r/Chromecast
  • r/GoogleWiFi
  • r/Nest

  • r/Android
  • r/AndroidWear
  • r/ChromeOS
  • r/GooglePixelC
  • r/GoogleDuo
  • r/AndroidQuestions
  • r/Amoledbackgrounds
  • r/AndroidPreviews
  • r/androidroot
  • r/Nexus6P
  • r/Nexus5X
  • r/GoogleAllo


Click on each rule for its full description. (In the case of discrepancy, the rules linked above will take precendence.)

  1. Posts must be related to the Google Pixel devices and the #madebygoogle lineup.

  2. Tech support is permissible within certain bounds.

  3. No low-quality memes or NSFW content.

  4. No URL shorteners or referral/affiliate/self-promotion links.

  5. No flaming or trolling.

  6. No disinformation or illegal content.

  7. Keep reposts to a minimum.

  8. AmAs, Q&As, giveaways, and other community-facing content must be approved by moderators.

  9. Restricted topics.

And as always, be nice and follow reddiquette.

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